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1. He Requires So Little of Us
2. What Your Preschooler Really Needs
3. Role of Public Schools
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'Mom,' 'dad,' targeted by California bias ban

Inspiring Christians to Biblical Home Education
October  2007
Dear Christian family,
This month we have an article for those of you who are considering homeschooling or have just started this year that we hope will provide resources to guide you during this time.  And if you have preschoolers, I encourage you to read 'What Your Preschooler Really Needs.  The writer offers encouragement and tools to help you train up your toddlers at home.  Another featured article this month is by Dr. Robert Simonds.  Dr. Simonds spent 35 years teaching in the public school and has a wealth of knowledge of what is happening on school campuses.
Our ministry goal is to help you provide your children with a Christian home education.   We provide a free DVD and brochure to help Christian families make a wise decision regarding their child's education, so please consider forwarding this newsletter to your church, family and friends.
In His service,

Recall for a moment the story of Moses and the parting of the Red Sea. There Moses was, standing at the sea's edge. A multitude of people-perhaps numbering in the millions-had followed him. To make matters worse, Pharaoh's army was closing in. Pretty overwhelming situation! What on earth might Moses have been thinking at that moment? Was he thinking that he had not done enough, or taken a wrong turn, or that he had completely failed? Was he thinking that God had forgotten about them? Was he about to take matters into his own hands and tell the Israelites to start swimming? Or did he have complete confidence in God, knowing He would rescue them? As Moses stood there, God spoke to him and said:

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What Your Preschooler Really Needs

By Susan Lemons


The world has a lot to say about parenting nowadays. From Dr. Spock to Dr. Phil, from the Super Nanny to our own families, a plethora of "experts" scold us with a never-ending barrage of advice-most of it conflicting. The newspapers and magazines scream at us about the "needs" of children and the latest "unbiased study," while the publishing companies profit from the confusion by churning out numerous books on parenting every year. Slick ad campaigns report that parents need only buy the latest "educational" toy, or enroll their innocents in the newest "educational" program to guarantee academic success and future happiness for their children.


Meanwhile, parents are stressed and confused. According to CBS News, 54% of parents with 2-5 year olds admit to feeling worried about their children's academic progress, and more than 90% think that starting "early" is the key to success. Parents are enrolling toddlers into rigorous academic tutorial programs in record numbers, and routinely over-schedule their youngsters with play-dates, lessons, sports, and classes, all in hopes of giving their children some sort of "advantage."

Whatever happened to childhood?

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Role of public schools is to stop and utterly destroy Christianity and K-12 children.

By Dr. Robert Simonds 

(Dr. Robert L. Simonds holds B. Th., M.A., and Th.D degrees. He has served in public schools for 35 years.)

We Christians know that we cannot control all the secular, worldly matters we are surrounded by and often controlled by, even when we only slightly let our spiritual guard down. These are the profane things in our culture (as opposed to the sacred and good things); the worldly ( 'without God' things), such as our public schools, which are managed and totally controlled by secularism (a secular clergy), a religion if you will, of the secularists who believe that religious (Christian) influence should be tightly restricted in all education, morality, government and law.

Yet, as Christians, we do have complete control of our individual efforts to influence the secular, and profane ungodliness in our public schools that have included our own and other's children.  The secular educators and their primary tools (scientists) are committed secularists. For example: Dr. Steven Weinberg, Nobel Laureate in Physics and leading educator scientist, was quoted in the N.Y. Times (11-21-06) as follows:

"Anything that we scientists can do to weaken the hold of religion should be done and may in the end be our greatest contribution to civilization."

Dr. John Morris of the Institute for Creation Research (I.C.R.) quoted this revealing statement in his June letter.  If you would like a free subscription to the I.C.R. Newsletter on Creation vs. Evolutionary science, call (619) 448-0900; or, write to P.0. Box 2667, El Cajon, California, 92021.

It is clearly evident the role of public schools is to stop and utterly destroy Christianity and K-12 children. 

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