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November 2007
Dear Christian family,

I just finished watching a DVD presentation by First Class Homeschool Ministry (FCHM).  FCHM has developed a plan to help you and/or your church start a homeschool co-op.  I believe this excellent resource will inspire every church to open their doors to helping homeschooling families.  If you think your Pastor would benefit from learning more about homeschooling and how to use his church to help homeschoolers, please do two things:

  1. Click here and input your church name and address and we will send them our free DVD and brochure.   
  2. Visit First Class Homeschool Ministry (Click Here) and sign up for a free DVD on how to start a homeschool co-op. 
Beginning next week, we are taking an extra step in promoting homeschooling by sending our free DVD's to churches.  Over the course of the next several months, we hope to reach as many as 5,000 churches with a free DVD and brochure on the blessings of a biblical home education.   So please be sure to visit our website and sign your church up to receive a free package.
Since we began our FREE homeschool package three years ago, we have given away to parents, mentors, churches and homeschool groups over 20,000 DVD's, 40,000 brochures, and countless other materials.  And we haven't even scratched the surface.  There are millions of Christian parents who do not know of the blessings that come from training and educating their children at home on a Godly foundation.  
As we continue our efforts to help Christian's discover the blessings of a biblical home education, please consider helping us by forwarding this newsletter to your church, family and friends.
In His service,

I Was Raised By Wolves

By Gena Suarez
That sounds pretty bad, doesn't it? I'm not referring to my parents. My mother, in fact, is the one the Lord commissioned to bring me to Himself. I can't wait to see her again (she resides in Heaven). I'm not alluding to grandparents, aunts, uncles, or any other adult in my life who may have had a hand in my upbringing, indirectly or otherwise. I'm talking about the ones who really raised me.
To Continue Reading,
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Am I Really Supposed to be Homeschooling?

By Nancy Carter

God knows that homeschooling can be tough sometimes. Some days are wonderful and you can see the fruits of your labor. Your child's handwriting is neat, the answers are correct, and his attitude is cooperative. On those days, you know why you homeschool. We all love those days - reading together as a family, working together on a new skill, and enjoying each other. You can feel God's hand of blessing upon you so easily, and you are confident that God has called you to homeschool.

But what about the other days? Click here to continue reading.

Please let your friends, family and church know we send out a free DVD and brochure by just signing up at our website.  Thank you.
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