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Considering Homeschooling Ministry

Raising Children on a Godly Foundation
March 2007

RaisingDear Christian families,

Our new presentation "Raising Children on a Godly Foundation" is ready for shipment.  The DVD presents encouraging life stories on homeschooling children from a Christian worldview. Journey along with Christian parents who share their joys of homeschooling, as well as the challenges they have met and overcome with God's help. Whether you have a baby, a preschooler, or even a high schooler, this presentation will help your family to discover the blessings of a biblical home education, and includes information on tools and resources available to help you begin your own homeschooling journey today! DVD is approximately 30 minutes.
We have a special introductory price for families on our e-mail list and their friends.  Click here for more information.

We hope our ministry, website and resources are of encouragement as you are considering homeschooling or already homeschooling.  Please share this newsletter with a friend or family member.
In His name,
Denise Kanter
This newsletter is provided by the original national outreach of Considering Homeschooling Ministry
™, a non-profit organization assisting Christian parents with babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children with information on homeschooling.
videoHome is Where They Belong -  Short On-Line Video Presentation
"Home is Where They Belong" will touch your heart and strengthen your mind with the reasons to keep your precious gifts from God at home.
From Home to College

Thirty years ago, there were fewer than 20,000 students being home-schooled in the United States. The number is probably close to 2 million now. Some families choose home-schooling for religious reasons. Others think the mainstream educational system stifles the love of learning and believe home-schooling nurtures independent thought.
As homeschooling has become more common, admissions officers have become more homeschool-friendly. Ten years ago, these students were often viewed with skepticism. Admissions officers wondered if they were prepared for rigorous college-level studies. But studies have shown that these students perform as well as or better than institutionalschool graduates, and many colleges now welcome homeschooled students.
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In A Class of Their Own
Homeschool co-op gets children (and moms) out of house to learn different subjects - and socialize

While homeschooled children spend a lot of time with only their families, many local homeschool families like Chenault's participate in educational co-ops that offer students classes that aren't effectively taught at home, like robotics or physical education. The co-ops like Master's Hand give students and parents a chance to socialize with their peers, and offers parents a much-needed outlet to discuss homeschool issues and ideas.

While students enjoy the classes and the chance to be with their peers, the co-op - which requires parental supervision - is also great for moms who homeschool.

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