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for March 2006
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Dear Christian Families:

Please be sure to forward this e-mail to your friends and family. Encourage them to visit our website and sign up for a free DVD and brochure on homeschooling. Our goal, with your help, is to reach Christian parents, share with them the blessings of a Christian home education, and connect them with the Christian homeschool community. If you have any questions or need help, please e-mail us.

We were contacted recently by a broadcasting company in South Korea. We did a short interview with them for a homeschool documentary they are producing. We are so excited to see the homeschool movement gain ground not just here in America but all over the world. If you haven't subscribed to the Home School Legal Defense Association's e-alert, please do. This alert is very informative on what is happening not only in your state but with homeschooling in other nations.

We wanted to share with you a recent e-mail from Puerto Rico we received through our Christian Home Education, website. God is is using this new homeschooler to reach many families with homeschool information. If you have a desire to help others too, please contact us and we will supply you with DVD's and brochures for free. Here is Jilia's e-mail to us:

God bless you all!

I received the DVD and the beautiful brochure. Im going to start homeschooling my little girl this year and I already receive many questions from family and friends about homeschooling. I would like to receive more information about how I can help other christians to learn about the dangers of the public shool and the benefits of the homeschool.

Please send me the how-to-Guide, the Grow Up Booklet, magazines and everything that help me spread the message of this ministry. If possible please send me various copies of the DVDs and brochures. If you have information in Spanish it will be great! Thanks a lot and God bless you!!

Jilia L., Puerto Rico

Jilia's request has put our goal of translating our DVD's and brochures into Spanish to the top of our list. Please pray for this translation work, and that it would bless many Spanish speaking families.

1. Help change the course of a child's faith in Jesus

Today it is more important than ever to instill godly principles into the hearts and minds of our children without them enduring constant day-to-day corrupting influences of worldly people and curriculum that occurs in secular educational establishments.

The best and most biblical form of education is a godly father/mother directed home education. But how does a parent learn about this form of education when most of his/her Christian friends send their kids off to preschools and public schools? The best way for a family to learn about homeschooling is by another families invitation to a Christian homeschool conference.

At a Christian homeschool conference, they will meet hundreds and in some cases thousands of other families that are homeschooling or thinking about homeschooling. They will have a chance to review a myriad of curriculum packages and textbooks. They will have the opportunity to listen to experienced homeschooling families sharing their experiences. And, most of all, Christian homeschool conferences give parents the confidence they need to embark on a journey that will forever bless them and their children with a strong relationship with our Lord and savior.

Dr. Brian Ray's research revealed that 94% of children homeschooled keep the faith of their parents. Dr. Simonds, President of the Center for Excellence in Education revealed from a 1998 parental survey that 85% of children that attend secular schools for 12 years reject Christ after graduation.

So for the next homeschool conference, invite a couple of your Christian friends. If you do, you will have helped change the course of their children's faith in Jesus Christ.

by Denise Kanter

Click Here for the 2006 Christian Convention Schedule

2. Dear Katy, I am so tired...

Are you a first or second year homeschooler? Or maybe you have reached the high school years and want to stop homeschooling. Katy, one of our experienced homeschooling moms is available to help encourage you and lift your spirits. Here is a letter Katy received, and clicking the link below you can read her response. If you have a question, please visit our 'Continuing Homeschooling' website and write to Katy.

Dear Katy – I am so tired and cannot even say why. I can remember when I used to do so much more and now I can hardly get out of bed. It is odd because I am not so tired in the middle of the night. Hmm. Anyway, I just wonder if there is some trick to being all the things a home school mom needs to be, and keeping at it. I mean, am I forgetting something? – Shelly

3. If you have questions, Vickie Farris has answers...

Click below to find out how to send your homeschool questions for possible inclusion in the all- new "Homeschool Q & A" column, with Vickie Farris, in Home School Enrichment Magazine!

Vickie is the wife of HSLDA Board Chairman, HSLDA General Counsel, and Patrick Henry College President Michael Farris, mother of 10 children: Christy, Jayme, Katie, Jessica, Angie, Michael, Emily, Jonathan, Joseph, and Peter. She also has eight grandchildren. She has been homeschooling her children since 1982.

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May you be blessed as you seek His kingdom and allow your children to seek His kingdom through a Christian Home Education. Thank you.

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