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He Requires So Little Of Us
Why Public Education Does Not Work
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Visit link above for a free DVD, brochure, on-line videos and resources to build confidence in Christian worldview homeschooling.


Alpha Omega Publications

Home school curriculum through traditional books or a dynamic distance-learning model which would make parent or church directed homeschooling easy.

BJU Press Distance Learning

DVD, satellite and hard drive programs make it easy for single and working parents, or churches to facilitate.

CLASS: Christian Liberty Academy

Very inexpensive programs as well as fully supported home school curriculum for parents and church co-ops.
National Association of University Model Schools
Elementary and secondary school education using a university model of education.

First Class Homeschool Ministry

Get help planting a church-based, parent-led home school co-op.

A Beka Academy

Online and DVD home school programs.
Dear Christian parents:
What do homeschool graduates think of their parents commitment to raising them with a solid Christian worldview education and training?
Joshua Carden, Esq. an Attorney for the Alliance Defense Fund, said this:

"I feel that homeschooling helped prepare me for the wide variety of experiences I've had in education and in work. Flexibility has been important to my life. Also, my parents took the opportunity to repeatedly emphasize character and the things of God during my homeschooling."

Elizabeth Murray, Esq. also an Attorney Alliance Defense Fund, said this:
"While I was homeschooled, my parents taught me the importance of being a hard worker and a self-starter, which helped me build strong study habits. These traits are crucial for doing well in college and surviving the rigorous demands of law school."

We hope our articles this month and the Easy to Homeschool Resource List will encourage you to homeschool your children for the Lord.  I would also like to encourage you to subscribe to a homeschool magazine.  We have listed a few for you under the Quick Links section.

If our ministry can help you with homeschooling information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please consider forwarding this newsletter to your friends and family.


Denise Kanter

He Requires So Little of Us
If we allow ourselves, we can get pretty wrapped up in thinking that homeschooling is just too big of a job. There's finding the right textbooks, dealing with different learning styles, choosing methods, and so on. It's easy to think that we are responsible for everything. Have you ever thought that? I have.

Recall for a moment the story of Moses and the parting of the Red Sea. There Moses was, standing at the sea's edge. A multitude of people-perhaps numbering in the millions-had followed him. To make matters worse, Pharaoh's army was closing in.

Why Public Education Does Not Work


An analysis by David and Kim d'Escoto

- Fifteen percent of recent graduates of urban high schools read at less than sixth grade level. One million teenage children cannot read above the third grade level.

- According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 93 percent of all teenagers have some experience with alcohol.  Almost two-thirds of all American young people try illicit drugs before they finish high school.

- "Every day, 8,000 teenagers in the United States become infected by a sexually transmitted disease. This year, nearly 3 million teens will become infected."


- According to one recent study "researchers say between 70 to 88 percent of Christian teens From Christian families are leaving the church by their second year in college"

For more on this, visit Homeschool for Life
Be sure to visit their on-line page of video testimonials, many from homeschooled graduates I think you will find encouraging.  Click here.
Homeschool Faqs
Click below for answers to the most common questions on homeschooling by Dr. Brian Ray.  Excerpted from Dr. Ray's book 
The Worldwide Guide to Homeschooling  and are provided courtesy of Broadman & Holman Publishers.  Click Here
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Considering Homeschooling Ministry™ is an outreach pro-active on a national basis and beyond for the purpose of helping Christian families discover the blessings of a biblical home education.    

CHM has sent out tens of thousands of DVD's, brochures and other homeschool literature for free as a way to educate and encourage families considering homeschooling.  
n response to the recent passage of anti-family bills in
California, which will negatively affect the hearts and minds of children in the public schools, we are sending out 5,000 or more free packages directly to Pastors and Churches in California and it's neighboring states. 
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This organization is sponsored by Morningstar Educational Network®, and was co-founded by Denise Kanter.   Denise has written articles for numerous local and state homeschool magazines and newsletters.  She currently writes a column for Homeschool Enrichment magazine and is working on a "Preschooling at Home" book.  Denise and her husband, Gary started Morningstar Educational Network®, a non-profit 501(c)3 in 1994 to encourage parents to educate their children on a strong Christian foundation.  The Kanter's are also actively involved in the World's Biggest Dinosaur Creation Park opening in May 2008.
And that from a child you have known the holy scriptures, which are able to make you wise to salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.  2 Timothy 3:15
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