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Dear Christian Friends

One of the concerns parents have when considering homeschooling is will their homeschooled children be able to participate in sports. If God has put this desire on your heart, then there are plenty of opportunities available today for your children.

We have two inspiring articles below about homeschoolers who have become successful in their sports endeavors and we have listed just a few of the organizations providing homeschool sports opportunities under 'Quick Links'. Also, most local homeschool support groups have a sports program and a simple web search for 'Christian Homeschool Sports' in your area will most likely bring up at least one or a few groups.

Our goal is to help Christian parents discover the blessings of a Biblical home education. Let us know how we can help you. Tell a friend to visit our website and we will send them a FREE DVD and brochure on homeschooling. A final note, as you consider homeschooling, keep your home and child's education on a Godly foundation; free from governmental and secular homeschool programs.

Top-rated QB Tim Tebow sought after by fans and college coaches is a Christian homeschooler. For the past three summers, Tebow has made missionary trips to the Philippines with his father, sometimes spending as many as 16 hours a day spreading the gospel to thousands.

His parents have home-schooled all six of their children. They have taught Tim, the baby of the family, to stay humble and in touch with his beliefs. Tebow, who reads the Bible first thing every morning, said he won't change, regardless how much attention he gets.

''It's been pretty cool to have ESPN following me around and meeting the people I've met,'' Tebow said. ``I appreciate all of it. That's why I take the time to sign autographs. But to me, the two most important things will always be school and church.

AUSTIN - Sharon Neal knew her daughter Andi wanted to play volleyball. All she needed was a team.

As a parent who started homeschooling three years ago, Neal took on the task of researching opportunities for her daughter's athletic involvement, discovering a number of options for homeschooled students in the Austin area. Andi, 13, now plays volleyball with the Austin Christian Cougars, a homeschool sports team that competes with teams from private Christian schools.

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