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Homeschool FAQS 

Click below for answers to the most common questions on homeschooling by Dr. Brian Ray.  Excerpted from Dr. Ray's book The Worldwide Guide to Homeschooling  and are provided courtesy of Broadman & Holman Publishers.


Dear Christian parents:

We just added a new program to our free DVD, so when you refer a family, friend or pastor, they will receive a DVD with the following: 

Considering Homeschooling:  A program on the blessings of a biblical home education and insights on how to get started.
Education in Today's Culture:  Testimonies from Dr. Tim La Haye, Pastor and Author, Mr. Joseph Farah, Author and World Net Daily Publisher, Dr. Bruce Shortt, Esq. and Author, and many more. 
Raising Children on a Godly Foundation:  Journey along with Christian parents who share their joys of homeschooling, and well as the challenges they have met and overcome with God's promises.

Here is what one support group leader shared with us about our new formatted DVD:


"I am watching the dvd you sent me and I love it! As a leader of a homeschool group, I was wondering if I could get 30 dvd's and 50 brochures.  I would put them to good use I promise.   I haven't seen a homeschool dvd yet that I have liked as much as I liked the one you sent!  I'd like to give them to tons of people!"  Debi L.


As we celebrate the birth of Christ, and the gift of salvation through Jesus, it should also serve as a reminder of how important we should spend each day helping our children learn from a Godly perspective without the constant input of dishonorable teachings.  There is just too much to risk -- the faith of our children -- to let them be educated from an atheistic point of view. 


Please forward this e-news report. 


Merry Christmas,


Denise Kanter

Parents Waking Up
Boycott of CA "public" schools informs parents about sexual indoctrination laws. Visit these links for more information
Inland Empire parents protest SB 777
Meet the grandma who started it all 
Christian kids left behind - by their parents By Olivia St. John
Raging ideological battles in both California and Iowa reached new levels last week when students packed up their backpacks and left their public schools. In California, parents staged a two-day boycott, pulling students from state schools in protest of SB 777, a bill force-feeding children perverse material and videos vile enough to garner an R-rating in the local multiplex. Meanwhile in Iowa, distressed parents removed up to 200 students after one public high school sponsored an event encouraging students to bend their gender by cross-dressing.
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