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Preschooling at Home
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Dear Christian families:
Behavioral problems in children are on the rise, so much so, that many organizations are trying to find the cause.  Last year the Universities of Berkeley and Stanford found that children who attended preschool are more prone to have major problems than those that stayed at home.  Last month the National Institute for Health and Development also found violent behavior was more prevalent among children who attended institutionalized preschool. 
Our goal is to help you discover the blessings of a biblical home education whether you have a baby, preschooler, or school-aged child.  Visit our website for a wealth of information on how to start homeschooling today. 
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A final note, as you consider homeschooling refrain from using secular homeschool programs or those controlled by the state.  Give God full authority over your home and your child's education.
In His service,
Denise Kanter
Considering Homeschooling Ministry 
Institutionalized Preschool is Just Not Working

New study reports high incidents of behavioral problems among children who attended high quality preschool.


Recent analysis of an ongoing study suggests that children who received high quality child care before entering kindergarten had higher incidents of "problem behaviors".


The study, funded by the National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, (NICHD) in analyzing the quality of day care received by children from birth to 54 months found that pre-kindergarten children who spent more time in child care centers showed a greater frequency of "teacher reported" problem behaviors later on. In fact, the more time children spent in center-based care in early childhood, the more likely their sixth grade teachers were to report such problem behaviors as "gets in many fights," "disobedient at school," and "argues a lot."


The NICHD's press release on the study stated:

The researchers also found that, as in the earlier grades, children with more experience in child care centers continued to show, through sixth grade, a greater frequency of what the researchers termed teacher-reported externalizing problem behavior. These behaviors were listed on The Child Behavior Checklist Teacher Report Form, which consisted of 100 problem behaviors.

Using this report form, teachers were asked to rate the child on items such as: child demands a lot of attention; argues a lot; bragging and boasting; cruelty, bullying or meanness to others; destroys things belonging to others; disobedient at school; gets into many fights; lying or cheating; screams a lot.

Children who had been in center care in early childhood were more likely to score higher on teacher reports of aggression and disobedience. This was true regardless of the quality of the center-based care they received.

In commenting on this report, Denise Kanter of Considering Homeschooling Ministry stated, "Our goal is to help Christian parents discover the blessings of keeping their young children at home, and then following up with a Christian worldview home education."

Considering Homeschooling Ministry is distributing a new video presentation titled Raising Children on a Godly Foundation, which follows the lives of homeschooling families.  For more information on this new video release visit their website at, or visit your local Homeschool Headquarters located inside Christian bookstores.


Homeschool FAQS 

Click below for answers to the most common questions on homeschooling by Dr. Brian Ray.  Excerpted from Dr. Ray's book The Worldwide Guide to Homeschooling  and are provided courtesy of Broadman & Holman Publishers.